Speech by Carl G. Lambert 1975-07


The recording consists of two parts; in the first part Carl Lambert gives a monologue about his life and his work in the Cherokee Nation and in the second part a speech about the Cherokee Boys Club is given by an unknown speaker. Carl Lambert tells some of his memories of life in Cherokee when he was younger and tells stories of interesting events that happened. He talks about his position as the official historian and discusses some of the history of the Cherokee Tribe. Additionally, Lambert also gives some information about a certain toxic plant that is common to the area. The second speaker discusses the various projects and achievements of the Cherokee Boys Club. He talks about the ways that the club supports itself and the jobs it has created, as well as the services it provides for theTribe, such as the school bus program. The speaker discusses the training opportunities that are available to club members and talks about the homes that have been built to house youth members of the Tribe.