Interview with Watty Chiltoskie 1972-07


Watty Chiltoskey talks about his childhood, education, career, and his experiences as a wood carver. Throughout the interview, he tells various anecdotes from his life and childhood. He was born in 1897 and attended a Native American boarding school as a child. He also reflects on his experiences working at a timber mill and on the railroad. He talks about the mountains near his home and their significance in his life, as well as mentioning the various edible plants that are common wher e he lives. Watty Chiltoskey’s career as a woodcarver is a major theme in the interview, and he discusses how he started carving in addition to the types of creations that he has made, including a train and a cat, as well as horse and mule heads. He talks about his parents, his brother, and other members of his family. His personal history is discussed as well as the broader history of the Cherokee Tribe itself.